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Welcome To Peekskill Nurseries
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Peekskill Nurseries is open for the 2018 Spring Season!

We will be accepting rders for southern regions and pre-orders for the rest of the country beginning late February

Spring is on its way! As always we truly appreciate your orders and getting to know you across the United States. We have especially enjoyed hearing stories of how our plants have spread and are enhancing your landscapes.

Please check our online cart for availability. Items that are not available yet will have an estimated earliest ship date, please indicate on your order when you would like to receive your plants after these dates.

Peekskill Nurseries has been in business since Franklin D. Roosevelt was president, and for good reason. We pride ourselves in selling the highest quality ground covers available for both sun and shade.  We have said since the beginning  "Buy with Confidence from Us", and we truly mean it. Please feel free to phone or  email us with any questions that you may have about our products or the correct planting procedure.

Why Ground Covers?

  • Do you have a bare spot where nothing will grow? Ground covers are the answer.

  • Do you have a steep hard-to-reach slope covered in weeds?  All of our ground covers are fast growing and perfect for these difficult applications.

  • Do you want interest in your garden in the dull, grey winter? All of the ground covers we sell are evergreen.

We specialize in ground cover plants because they are some of the most versatile plants for any garden or landscape. Unsung heroes of the garden, ground cover plants are long lived and provide several roles key roles to any garden including:

  • Providing visual interest in areas that other plants just will not grow.

  • Erosion control for slopes and run-off areas.

  • Weed prevention: all of our ground covers, once established will grow and fill in to provide a weed-free blanket of green that is virtually maintenance free and evergreen the year round. 

  • Excellent borders for garden beds and pathways; provided that there are some barriers to keep them in their beds, ground covers can be used to create excellent borders for perennial gardens and pathways be in the woods or on the edge of the lawn, or to soften the hard edges of stoneworks including patios and terraces. 
  • Lessoning your workload--areas planted with ground covers will not need to be mowed ever again.

In order to ensure availability we highly recommend ordering in advance of any plant stock over quantities of 1,000 plants, as well as on some of our more rare varieties which are noted in their descriptions, as these tend to sell out early.

For Items that are currently sold out, we have the option to PRE-ORDER to reserve your plants as soon as they are ready to be shipped.  These items will be marked pre-order only with an estimated ship date.  Your card will be charged at the time of ordering and your plants will be reserved.

Thank You,

Peekskill Nurseries

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